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function varargout=wfdbexec(varargin)


 Executes a WFDB native command ('commandName'), with input arguments
 given by 'inputArguments', and outputs everything into a cell array
 called 'output'. The execution is done through a system call outside of
 MATLAB. If no input arguments are provided to the function, the
 output is an array list of all available native WFDB commands in this OS.
 Substantial, non-trivial text parsing maybe required for processing the
 output into a useful MATLAB numerical variable.

 WFDBEXEC is useful in cases where a specific command, or feature for a
 command, is not yet in implemented in the MATLAB wrapper. This function
 may be useful for those wishing to do some debugging or performance comparisons.

 The user should be very carefull when using this command. The user should
 be familiar with the input and output arguments of the native command
 that he/she is using. In some cases, information about the command can be
 obtained by running the command by itself, of with either '-h',
 '-help','--help' as input arguments in order to access the command help
 information. Offcourse, you can also look at the man page or source code
 for the command at

Required Parameters:

       String specifying the command to be called. To ge a list of
       available WFDB commands that may be runnable by system calls run
       this function by itself:

       Cell array of strings specifying the inputArguments to the command.
       Each command flag is an element on the cell array. Command flags
       that require additional parameters should be followed by another
       String element with the requied parameter(s). In cases you are
       usign a command that is already implemente in a MATLAB wrapper, it
       maybe helpful to look at that command's MATLAB code.

Optional Parameters:

       1x1 integer that specifies the logleve (verbosity) of the execution process.
       Options are:
                     0 OFF (Default)
                     1 SEVERE
                     2 WARNING
                     3 INFO
                     4 FINEST
                     5 ALL


       Nx1 Cell array list of Strings.

 Written by Ikaro Silva, 2013
 Last Modified: January 7, 2014
 Version 0.0.1
 Since 0.9.5

 %Get a  list of all WFDB native executables

 %Get help on RDSAMP

 %Read the first five samples of a record
 %Note: This will be very inefficient because we are not buffering
 %and we are returning a list of Strings (instead of doubles and ints).
 %This is provided just as an example on how WFDBEXEC works.

 See also WFDB