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dbwhich - find a DB file and print its pathname


dbwhich [ -r record ] filename
dbwhich [ -r record ] file-type record


This program searches the DB path (as specified by the environment variable DB, see setdb(1) ) for a specified filename, or for a file of a specified file-type (e.g., `header' or `atruth') which belongs to a specified record. If the file can be found, its full pathname is written to the standard output, and dbwhich exits with an exit status of zero (indicating success). If the file cannot be found, a diagnostic message, including the current value of the DB path, is written to the standard error output, and dbwhich exits with a non-zero exit status.

If the DB path includes `%r', use the -r record option to specify the record name to be substituted for `%r'.



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