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ecgeval - generate and run ECG analyzer evaluation script




This program generates a Bourne shell (sh(1) ) script under UNIX, or a batch file under MS-DOS, to compare a set of test annotation files with a set of reference annotation files and a set of reference heart rate measurement files using the programs bxb(1) , rxr(1) , mxm(1) , and epic(1) , and then to produce summary reports by passing the outputs of these programs to sumstats(1) and plotstm(1) .

ecgeval asks interactively for the annotator names, the name of the database to be used, and which optional analyzer outputs are to be evaluated. It then creates the evaluation script, and offers the user a choice of running the script immediately, or exiting (in order to review and perhaps edit the script before running it).

The shell variable DB should be set and exported (see setdb(1) ).


This file, which should be located in one of the directories named by DB, contains a list of the available databases. Each entry is a line containing three tab-separated fields: the short name for the database, the name of a file (which must also be in one of the directories named by DB) containing a list of the record names for the database, and a longer name for the database. Empty lines and lines beginning with `#' are ignored. The version of this file distributed with the DB software package contains:
MIT DBmitlistMIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database
MITx DBmitxlistMIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database (excluding paced records)
AHA DBahalistAHA Database for Evaluation of Ventricular Arrhythmia Detectors
AHAx DBahaxlistAHA Database (excluding paced records)
ESC DBesclistEuropean ST-T Database
NST DBnstlistNoise Stress Test Database
CU DBculistCreighton University Sustained Ventricular Arrhythmia Database


bxb(1) , epic(1) , mxm(1) , plotstm(1) , rxr(1) , setdb(1) , sumstats(1)
Evaluating ECG Analyzers

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