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Using the AHA Database

Since the AHA DB is not available in CD-ROM format, the DB Software Package includes a pair of programs that convert files read from AHA DB distribution tapes or floppy disks into files formatted in the same way as those in the CD-ROM databases. a2m converts AHA annotation files, and ad2m converts AHA signal files and also generates header (*.hea) files. (Run these programs without command-line arguments to obtain instructions on their use.) Using a2m and ad2m, all 80 AHA DB records can be stored in roughly 130 Mb of disk space (assuming use of the standard 35-minute records). These programs can also reformat old (pre-1989) MIT DB tapes written in the AHA DB distribution format.

It is also possible to read and write AHA tape-format files directly using the DB library; refer to the ECG Database Programmer's Guide for details.

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