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Software to Support Evaluations

This paper describes a suite of programs that support evaluations of automated ECG analyzers in accordance with the methods described in the EC-38 standard (as well as those in the earlier ECAR Recommended Practice). These methods are sufficiently complex that the development of such a suite of programs is not an afternoon's work. By making generally available reference implementations of the evaluation algorithms, much needless duplication of effort may be avoided. By circulating them in source form to other users, we may hope to find and correct any bugs, with the eventual result that evaluators of devices should not have to bear the burden of evaluating the evaluation technique itself. By using them for evaluations, any ambiguities in the English specification of the evaluation algorithms are resolved in a consistent manner for each device tested. These programs are written in C and run under MS-DOS or UNIX. They have been made available as part of the DB Software Package from MITgif and are included in the current edition of the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database CD-ROM. In this paper, the names of these programs are printed like this.

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