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Obtaining the DB Software Package

Several versions of the DB Software Package, differing in their completeness, are available. From our web site ( you may obtain up-to-date binary versions of the DB Software Package for various popular operating systems. (Currently these include x86 Linux, Sparc Solaris, Sparc SunOS, and MS-DOS/MS-Windows.) The web site also offers selected portable C sources, including those for the DB library, for the rdann, rdsamp, and xform utilities, and for all of the ANSI/AAMI EC38 required evaluation software. If you have been using earlier versions of this software included on the first or second editions of the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database CD-ROM, the MIT-BIH Polysomnographic Database CD-ROM, the European Society of Cardiology ST-T Database CD-ROM, or the Massachusetts General Hospital/Marquette Foundation Waveform Database CD-ROMs, you should update your software by downloading the newer versions available from our web site (or from one of our more recent CD-ROMs, see below). The web site also offers demo versions of WAVE for Linux, Solaris, and SunOS (saving the results of annotation editing operations is not possible using these demonstration versions). If you prefer, you may obtain the same materials by anonymous FTP from; download and read pub/software/README.TXT first to determine what files you will need; follow the instructions in that file for creating a software directory on your hard disk.

The complete DB Software Package (both sources and binaries for Linux, Solaris, SunOS, and MS-DOS/MS-Windows) is included on the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database CD-ROM (third edition), and also on the Software for Physiologic Databases with Samples CD-ROM, available from MIT (see for information about these CD-ROMs). These CD-ROMs also include fully functional versions of WAVE for Linux, Solaris, and SunOS (binaries only). Installation instructions are included in software/README.TXT on these CD-ROMs.

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