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sigamp - measure signal amplitudes of a DB record


sigamp -r record [ options ... ]


sigamp measures either baseline-corrected RMS amplitudes or normal QRS peak-to-peak amplitudes for all signals of the specified record. It makes up to 250 measurements for each signal and calculates trimmed means (by discarding the largest and smallest 5% of the measurements and taking the mean of the remaining 90%).

Options include:

-a annotator
Measure QRS peak-to-peak amplitudes based on normal QRS annotations from the specified annotator.
-d dt1 dt2
Set the measurement window relative to QRS annotations. Defaults: dt1 = 0.05 (seconds before the annotation); dt2 = 0.05 (seconds after the annotation).
-f time
Begin at the specified time in record (default: the beginning of record).
Print a usage summary.
Print results in physical units (default: ADC units).
-t time
Process until the specified time in record (default: the end of the record). Processing will be terminated prematurely if 250 measurements are made before reaching the specified time.
Verbose mode: print individual measurements as well as trimmed means.
-w dtw
Set RMS amplitude measurement window. Default: dtw = 1 (second).

The shell variable DB should be set and exported (see setdb(1) ).



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