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Software Installation and Compilation

The researcher may download the RCVSIM software from PhysioNet and install and execute the pre-compiled binaries provided that he is running Linux. If the researcher also has access to MATLAB and its compiler (version 1.2), then he may modify and extend the source code as he wishes and then recompile it to create new binaries. Alternatively, if the researcher is running any other platform in which the WAVE display system is fully supported (e.g., Solaris, SunOS) and has access to the MATLAB compiler (version 1.2), he may compile the source code and install and execute the new binaries on that platform. (The binaries created for such platforms may then be uploaded to PhysioNet so that they may be distributed to other researchers who do not own MATLAB.) Detailed instructions on installing the RCVSIM binaries (and required libraries) and compiling the source code are provided below.


Ramakrishna Mukkamala (