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sumstats - derive aggregate statistics from bxb, rxr, etc., line-format output


sumstats file


This program derives the aggregate statistics described in sections 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 of the American National Standard, Testing and reporting performance results of cardiac rhythm and ST segment measurement algorithms (ANSI/AAMI EC57:1998, based on the earlier AAMI ECAR:1987), and in sections and of the American National Standard, Ambulatory electrocardiographs (ANSI/AAMI EC38:1998).

To use this program, first generate a line-format report file using the -l or -L options of bxb(1) , epicmp(1) , mxm(1) , or rxr(1) . This file must include column headings so that sumstats can recognize the file type. Output is written to the standard output; it includes a copy of the input file, with aggregate statistics appended at the end.

See Also

bxb(1) , ecgeval(1) , epicmp(1) , mxm(1) , plotstm(1) , rxr(1)
Evaluating ECG Analyzers (in the WFDB Applications Guide)
American National Standard ANSI/AAMI EC38:1998, Ambulatory
Testing and Reporting Performance Results of Cardiac Rhythm and ST Segment
Measurement Algorithms (publication AAMI EC57:1998)

The last two publications are available from AAMI, 1110 N Glebe Road, Suite 220, Arlington, VA 22201 USA (


George B. Moody (


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