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function [varargout]=wfdbloadlib(varargin)


 Loads the WDFDB libarary if it has not been loaded already into the
 MATLAB classpath. And optionally prints configuration environment and debug information
 regarding the settings used by the classes in the JAR file.


       (Optional) 1x1 integer between 0 and 5 represeting the level of debug information to output from
       Java class when output configuration information. Level 0 (no debug information),
       level =5 is maximum level of information output by the class (logger set to finest). Default is level 0.

       (Optional) 1x1 integer representing the longest time in
       milliseconds  for which the JVM should wait for a data stream from
       PhysioNet (default is =1000  , ie one second). If you need to change this time to a
       longer value across the entire toolbox, it is better modify to default value in the source
       code below and restart MATLAB.

 Written by Ikaro Silva, 2013
         Last Modified: April 7, 2015
 Since 0.0.1