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This page provides links to PubMed, Google Scholar, and Google Patents searches for publications and patents related to PhysioNet. These live searches reflect what is currently indexed by Google and PubMed; they return results that include any of physionet, physiobank, physiotoolkit, mitbih, wfdb, or mimicii.

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Those using MIT-BIH databases in PhysioBank may also be interested in:

This search returns about 600 articles published in 1999 and earlier, before PhysioNet was established. These articles are excluded (by date) from the Google Scholar searches listed at the top of this page.

The date-restricted Google Scholar searches above do not return about 400 relevant articles that are indexed by Google but undated. The search below returns both undated and dated articles, and may be useful as a starting point if you are looking for a specific article that does not appear in any of the search results above:

About these searches:

PubMed searches are particularly useful for finding the most widely cited articles in the biomedical, clinical medical, and public health journals. Google Scholar searches return many more results than the PubMed search, including peer-reviewed articles published in engineering and computer science journals that are not indexed in PubMed, articles and abstracts in conference proceedings, and articles that refer to PhysioNet or its key components within the text of the article only (the PubMed search finds these only if the full text is free).

The Google Scholar searches above exclude results containing the keyword "bourses" in order to avoid about 40 false hits relating to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, also known by the acronym WFDB.

Note that the number of results initially reported by Google Patent searches is about twice the correct number, since most patents and patent applications appear twice. By paging through the results, the duplicates are eliminated from the list, and the final page header will show the number of unique results.

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