Training Opportunities at PhysioNet

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General Opportunities

Education is an important mission of the NIH-sponsored Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals. We address this key aspect in multiple ways, which include tutorials on a variety of topics, specially-designed data sets for classroom activities (see, for example, these sets of heart rate and human gait data; find others in PhysioBank), and annual open challenges that provide materials to investigate unsolved problems of clinical or basic interest.

Special (On-site) Training

Although we are not specifically funded to provide training at either our Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School or MIT sites, we do have special opportunities for trainees at various stages of their careers to visit and work at these laboratories.

Because of funding and space constraints, such opportunities are currently available only to selected trainees and other qualified individuals from the US and other countries with the following prerequisites:

  1. Funding from another source (e.g., private or national foundation or grant) that provides full support for their stay in the Boston area, including travel, room and board and any needed financial assistance;
  2. Focus in an area that is of programmatic interest to members of the PhysioNet team. Priority is generally given to those who have datasets they wish to explore and are willing to make available at the PhysioNet site or who are interested in working on software development problems relevant to complex physiologic time series.
  3. Letters of recommendation from at least two senior mentors, including the Division or Department chair at the applicant’s institution.

Individuals with potential interest are invited to contact Please note that PhysioNet does not provide doctoral or other degree-based training.

Questions and Comments

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