RR Interval Time Series Modeling: Papers about the Challenge

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These papers were presented at Computers in Cardiology 2002. Please cite this publication when referencing any of these papers. Links below are to copies of these papers on the CinC web site.

RR Interval Time Series Modeling: The Physionet/Computers in Cardiology Challenge 2002
GB Moody

Characterizing Artefact in the Normal Human 24-Hour RR Time Series to Aid Identification and Artificial Replication of Circadian Variations in Human Beat to Beat Heart Rate using a Simple Threshold
GD Clifford, PE McSharry, L Tarassenko

Classifying Simulated and Physiological Heart Rate Variability Signals
N Wessel, H Malberg, U Meyerfeldt, A Schirdewan, J Kurths

Multiscale Entropy to Distinguish Physiologic and Synthetic RR Time Series
M Costa, AL Goldberger, CK Peng

CinC Challenge 2002 Undertaken by Non-Stationary and Fractal Techniques
C Echeverría, MS Woolfson, JA Crowe, BR Hayes-Gill

A Multifractal Inverse Problem Applied to Heart Rate Data Synthesis
DC Lin, J Thevaril

Simulate Heart Rate Variability in Different Physiological Conditions
DC Lin

Method for Generating an Artificial RR Tachogram of a Typical Healthy Human over 24-hours
PE McSharry, G Clifford, L Tarassenko, LA Smith

Simulating Healthy Humans Heart Rate: a Markovian Model
CC Yang, CH Chang, SS Hseu, HW Yien

Simulation of Cardiac RR Interval Time Series
EJ Bowers, P Langley, MJ Drinnan, J Allen, FE Smith, A Murray

Heart Rate Variability Characteristics Required for Simulation of Interval Sequences
FE Smith, EJ Bowers, P Langley, J Allen, A Murray

Dynamic Features of the Normal Heart Rate Variability
T Smuc, I Maric, G Bosanac, D Gamberger, N Bogunovic, G Krstacic