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If you would like to publish content on PhysioNet, please use our new site:
PhysioNetWorks Project Guide
Complete description of PhysioNetWorks, project types, and how to manage projects, including how to start a project, add content to it, and share it with colleagues.
How to Write HTML pages for PhysioNet
This guide illustrates how to create pages with the templates and style sheets used on this web site.
Data Sharing Services on PhysioNet
PhysioNet offers special services to researchers who are required to develop and implement data sharing plans in accordance with the NIH Data Sharing Policy, and to other researchers who wish to make their data available via PhysioNet. This page outlines these services.
What is Protected Health Information (PHI)?
In the USA, the HIPAA Privacy Rule restricts sharing of data containing protected health information (PHI) of human subjects. Such data can be shared only as so-called limited data sets under a data use agreement (DUA) that forbids redistribution. On the other hand, the HIPAA Privacy Rule also defines a so-called safe harbor rule for creating de-identified data that are exempt from restrictions on sharing. The safe harbor rule requires removal of 18 specific types of information in order to create a de-identified data set from one originally containing PHI.
Model Data Sharing Plan
This page describes a data sharing plan for a generic project, suitable for inclusion in an NIH or other grant application.
Frequently Asked Questions About Data Sharing on PhysioNet
Look here for answers to common questions about data sharing.
Data Sharing Publications and Resources: Links
Links to other web resources on data sharing, including data sharing plans, repositories, data journals, finding shared data, and how to cite data.

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