The First Five Challenges Revisited: Papers Entered in the Challenge

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These papers were presented at Computers in Cardiology 2005. Please cite this publication when referencing any of these papers. Links below are to copies of these papers on the CinC web site.

Towards the Prediction of Transient ST Changes
RJ Povinelli

An Ischemia Detector Based on Wavelet Analysis of the Electrocardiogram ST Segments
FJR Sales, S Jayanthi, SS Furuie, RKH Galvao

The Ebb and Flow of Heart Rate Variability: Simulation of 24 Hour Heart Rate Time Series Using Time Series Data from Naturally Occurring Phenomena
P Langley, J Allen, EJ Bowers, MJ Drinnan, AJ Haigh, ST King, T Olbrich, FE Smith, D Zheng, A Murray

Large-Scale Dimension Densities for Heart Rate Variability Analysis
C Raab, N Wessel, A Schirdewan, J Kurths

Wave Nature of Fractal Lacunarity: A Higher Resolution Scale to Capture Subtle Changes in ECG Signals
AN Esgiar, PK Chakravorty