Plots of mean ABP vs. time

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Click on the thumbnails to see detailed PDF plots. Each plotted point represents the mean arterial blood pressure measured over the previous minute. Elapsed time is measured from the beginning of the "numerics" record in each case. These records contain time series of measured parameters such as heart rate, systolic and diastolic ABP, respiration rate, SpO2, and more, each measured once per minute; they can be found in the same locations as the high-resolution (125 samples/second) waveform records, and are distinguished from those records by names ending in "n". Thus the waveform record mimic2db/40439/40439 has a companion "numeric" record mimic2db/40439/40439n, from which the data shown in the first plot below was obtained.

Group H1 (acute hypotensive episode in forecast window, treated with pressors)

Group H2 (AHE in forecast window, not treated with pressors)

Group C1 (records not containing acute hypotensive episodes)

Group C2 (AHE, but not in forecast window)