Noninvasive Fetal ECG

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The papers below were presented at Computers in Cardiology 2013. Please cite this publication when referencing any of these papers. These papers have been made available by their authors under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 (CCAL). We wish to thank all of the authors for their contributions.

The first of these papers is an introduction to the challenge topic, with a summary of the challenge results and a discussion of their implications.

Noninvasive Fetal ECG: the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2013
Ikaro Silva, Joachim Behar, Reza Sameni, Tingting Zhu, Julien Oster, Gari D Clifford, George B Moody

The remaining papers were presented by participants in the Challenge, who describe their approaches to the challenge problem.

Cancellation of the Maternal and Extraction of the Fetal ECG in Noninvasive Recordings
Ivaylo Christov, Iana Simova, Roger Abächerli

Extracting the R-Wave Position from an FECG Record usingRecognition of Multi-channel Shapes
Filip Plešinger, Pavel Jurák, Josef Halámek

Advanced Maternal ECG Removal and Noise Reduction for Application of Fetal QRS Detection
Jukka A Lipponen, Mika P Tarvainen

Fetal QRS Detection and RR Interval Measurement in Noninvasively Registered Abdominal ECGs
Christoph Maier, Hartmut Dickhaus

Noninvasive Fetal QRS Detection using a Linear Combination of Abdomen ECG Signals
Or Perlman, Amos Katz, Yaniv Zigel

Fetal ECG Extraction From Abdominal Recordings usingArray Signal Processing
Masoumeh Haghpanahi, David A Borkholder

Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Fetal ECG Analysis
Jakub Kuzilek, Lenka Lhotska

Fetal QRS Complex Detection using Semi-Blind Source Separation Framework
Fatemeh Razavipour, Masoumeh Haghpanahi, Reza Sameni

Fetal QRS Complex Detection Based on Three-Way Tensor Decomposition
Mohammad Niknazar, Bertrand Rivet, Christian Jutten

Fetal Electrocardiogram R-peak Detection using Robust Tensor Decomposition and Extended Kalman Filtering
Mahsa Akhbari, Mohammad Niknazar, Christian Jutten, Mohammad B Shamsollahi, Bertrand Rivet

Maternal Signal Estimation by Kalman Filtering and Template Adaptation for Fetal Heart Rate Extraction
Fernando Andreotti, Maik Riedl, Tilo Himmelsbach, Daniel Wedekind, Sebastian Zaunseder, Niels Wessel, Hagen Malberg

Spatial Filtering and Adaptive Rule Based Fetal Heart Rate Extraction from Abdominal Fetal ECG Recordings
Minnan Xu-Wilson, Eric Carlson, Limei Cheng, Srinivasan Vairavan

A Robust Framework for Noninvasive Extraction of Fetal Electrocardiogram Signals
Marzieh Fatemi, Mohammad Niknazar, Reza Sameni

Noninvasive Fetal QRS Detection Using Echo State Network
Mantas Lukoševičius, Vaidotas Marozas

A Multi-step Approach for Non-invasive Fetal ECG Analysis
Maurizio Varanini, Gennaro Tartarisco, Lucia Billeci, Alberto Macerata, Giovanni Pioggia, Rita Balocchi

Noninvasive Fetal ECG Estimation Based on Linear Transformations
Mariano Llamedo, Alba Martín-Yebra, Pablo Laguna, Juan Pablo Martínez

A Wavelet-Based Method for Assessing Fetal Cardiac Rhythms from Abdominal ECGs
Rute Almeida, Hernâni Gonçalves, Ana Paula Rocha, João Bernardes

PhysioNet/CinC Challenge 2013: A Novel Noninvasive Technique to Recognize the Fetal QRS Complexes from Noninvasive Fetal Electrocardiogram Signals
Ali Ghaffari, Seyyed Abbas Atyabi, Mohammad Javad Mollakazemi, Mohammad Niknazar, Maryam Niknami, Ali Soleimani

Non Invasive FECG Extraction from a Set of Abdominal Sensors
Joachim Behar, Julien Oster, Gari D Clifford

Multi Stage Principal Component Analysis Based Method for Detection of Fetal Heart Beats in Abdominal ECGs
Robertas Petrolis, Algimantas Krisciukaitis

An Algorithm for the Analysis of Foetal ECGs from 4-channel Non-invasive Abdominal Recordings
Costanzo Di Maria, Wenfeng Duan, Marjan Bojarnejad, Fan Pan, Susan King, Dingchang Zheng, Alan Murray, Philip Langley

Systematic Methods for Fetal Electrocardiographic Analysis: Determing the Fetal Heart Rate, RR Interval and QT Interval
Chengyu Liu, Peng Li

A Robust Algorithm for Fetal QRS Detection using the Non-invasive Maternal Abdomen ECGs
Martin Kropf, Robert Modre-Osprian, Günter Schreier, Dieter Hayn

Non-invasive Fetal Multilead RR Interval Determination from Maternal Abdominal Recordings: the Physionet/CINC Challenge 2013
Vito Starc

Identification of Fetal QRS Complexes in Low Density Non-Invasive Biopotential Recordings
Alessia Dessì, Danilo Pani, Luigi Raffo

Fetal ECG Detection in Abdominal Recordings: a Method for QRS Location
Rui Rodrigues

Multichannel Foetal Heartbeat Detection by Combining Source Cancellation with Expectation-weighted Estimationof Fiducial Points
Luigi Yuri Di Marco, Alberto Marzo, Alejandro Frangi

Fetal Heart Rate Discovery: Algorithm for Detection of Fetal Heart Rate from Noisy, Noninvasive Fetal ECG Recordings
Piotr Podziemski, Jan Gierałtowski