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The MIMIC II Clinical Database Demo is now deprecated.

Please use the more current MIMIC-III Clinical Database Demo

The MIMIC II Clinical Database Demo includes data from 4000 (of over 32,000) patients in the MIMIC II Clinical Database. Since all of the required software, including the operating system, is pre-installed and configured, it is an ideal way to begin exploring MIMIC II on a spare PC or Intel Mac with an absolute minimum of setup time.

No living patients are included in the demo subset (although many of these patients lived for up to several years following their ICU admissions documented in this data set). Although these data are exempt from HIPAA requirements for protecting health information of living individuals, the data have been very carefully de-identified, and we have removed free-text notes and reports as a further measure to reduce the possibility of disclosing information that might be used to identify these patients.

For the full database, including notes and reports for the 4000 patients in the demo, as well as full records for more than 28,000 additional patients, please apply for access to the MIMIC II Clinical Database project. Access is free, but it requires a data use agreement (DUA) to protect patient privacy.

You can find MIMIC II SQL examples in the MIMIC II cookbook on the desktop. If you haven’t used PostgreSQL previously, read the pgadmin3 tutorial or the pgsql tutorial on-line; both tutorials include introductions to SQL. For additional information on PostgreSQL, visit http://www.postgresql.org/docs/.

Installing the MIMIC II Clinical Database Demo software on your PC

The USB/DVD version of the demo offers a method of installing itself on your PC, which will significantly improve performance and may simplify updating MIMIC II if you decide to apply for access to the remainder of the database. This is entirely optional, and the normal operation of the demo does not alter (or even read) the contents of your PC's disk drives.

If you decide to install the software on your PC, however, you will have the option of re-partitioning or erasing your disk drives. In this case please be certain that you have readable off-line backups of any files you may need in the future. (To access the self-installer, choose System -> Administration -> Install RELEASE.) You should also perform an update of Ubuntu as soon as possible after installing it on your PC, since the demo disk image contains Ubuntu 10.04, which has known vulnerability problems in its kernel. For more information on the issue see Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1253-1.


If you have questions or suggestions about the MIMIC II Clinical Database Demo, please write to mimic-support@physionet.org.

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