Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes: Papers about the Challenge

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The papers below were presented at Computers in Cardiology 2009. Please cite this publication when referencing any of these papers. These papers have been made available by their authors under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 (CCAL). We wish to thank all of the authors for their contributions.

The first of these papers is an introduction to the challenge topic, with a summary of the challenge results and a discussion of their implications.

Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes: The 10th Annual PhysioNet/Computers in Cardiology Challenge
GB Moody, LH Lehman

The remaining papers were presented by participants in the Challenge, who describe their approaches to the challenge problem.

Forecasting Acute Hypotensive Episodes in Intensive Care Patients Based on a Peripheral Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform
X Chen, D Xu, G Zhang, R Mukkamala

Prediction of Acute Hypotensive Episodes Using Neural Network Multi-models
JH Henriques, TR Rocha

Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes from Mean Arterial Pressure
P Langley, S King, D Zheng, EJ Bowers, K Wang, J Allen, A Murray

A Rule-Based Approach for the Prediction of Acute Hypotensive Episodes
MA Mneimneh, RJ Povinelli

Predicting the Occurrence of Acute Hypotensive Episodes: The PhysioNet Challenge
F Chiarugi, I Karatzanis, V Sakkalis, I Tsamardinos, Th Dermitzaki, M Foukarakis, G Vrouchos

Acute Hypotension Episode Prediction Using Information Divergence for Feature Selection, and Non-Parametric Methods for Classification
PA Fournier, JF Roy

A Biosignal Analysis System Applied for Developing an Algorithm Predicting Critical Situations of High Risk Cardiac Patients by Hemodynamic Monitoring
D Hayn, B Jammerbund, A Kollmann, G Schreier

Smoothing and Discriminating MAP Data
K Jin, NL Stockbridge

Computers in Cardiology / Physionet Challenge 2009: Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes
F Jousset, M Lemay, JM Vesin

Utilizing Histogram to Identify Patients Using Pressors for Acute Hypotension
TCT Ho, X Chen